The Swedish Trade Union System in Transition: High but Falling Union Density

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title = "The Swedish Trade Union System in Transition: High but Falling Union Density",
abstract = "The chapter on Sweden in this book on trade union revitalisation in 34 countries analyzes the Swedish model of industrial relations and its current challenges, among them the falling union density. The recent development of industrial relations is characterized in terms of a new mix of decentralisation and centralisation and of self-regulation and state regulation. Contents of the Swedish chapter: 1. Introduction 2. Separate White-Collar Unions and Confederations 3. Combined Centralisation and Decentralisation 4. Self-Regulation 5. Union Unemployment Funds 6. Very High but Declining Union Density 7. Declining Coverage of Union Workplace Organisations 8. A New Mix of Decentralisation and Centralisation, and of Self-Regulation and State Regulation 9. Other Challenges to Unions 10. Union Responses and Future Prospects",
keywords = "Swedish model, TCO, sociology, arbetsliv, state regulation, arbetsmarknad, centralisation, union movement, decentralisation, sociologi, industrial relations, trade unions, a-kassa, facklig organisationsgrad, blue-collar workers, union unemployment fund, SACO, fackf{\"o}rening, Ghent system, white-collar workers, fackf{\"o}rbund, LO, self-regulation, union density, sociologiska institutionen, department of sociology, svenska modellen",
author = "Anders Kjellberg",
note = "<a href=>Anders Kjellbergs hemsida</a> </br> </br> <a href={\%}2Ecfm&VID=11009&>Information om boken</a> <br> <a href=>Bokens inneh{\aa}llsf{\"o}rteckning</a> </br> </br> ERRATA (1): The Swedish Mediation Office (Mediation Institute) was founded in the year 2000 (not in 2001 as mentioned at p. 277). <br> Errata (2): under Suggested Reading p. 285 Th{\"o}rnqvist, C. (1999) should be author of the article in European Journal of Industrial Relations.",
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