Thinking teaching with corona/covid 19 – echoes in empty hallways

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2020’s spring term was dramatic. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy some drama, and our U-turn from classroom to online teaching had some dramatic flair. There was a definite sparkle of ‘Yes we can’ (over more damp notes of panic in the online teaching novice – ‘how does that work? Why does everything take so long?’).
While I learned to handle the basics of preparing a video lecture, other forms of drama filled the news and the feeds: much less joyful ones. So many stories, so many lives; suffering, pain, violence, both structural and direct. I keep wondering, now at the end of the term, how these news feeds affect students, the students I have not-met this term and in a broader sense those students-who-are, students-who-might-be, students-who-cannot-be?
Here are some of the stories that have haunted me, this early summer 2020.


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StatusPublished - 2020 jun 23
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