Vad skall jag läsa? Ansökningskrisen och studenters beslutsprocess

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title = "Vad skall jag l{\"a}sa? Ans{\"o}kningskrisen och studenters beslutsprocess",
abstract = "This report analyzes causes for the decline in applications to Lund University by focusing on how incoming students make decisions about whether to attend university and what to study. Some young people (both before and during university studies) consider the university to be a place for personal development, while others see it only as a place to learn skills for getting a job. These two views reflect the kinds of choices they make, whether they remain or drop out, and how they choose courses or programs. Data is based on documents and interviews with gymnasie pupils, Lund students, visits to educational fairs, etc. Several conclusions and recommendations are directed toward better information activities, recruiting, and understanding why students are at university when they might choose to be somewhere else. In this way we can improve both recruitment and throughput (gennemstromning) of students. This assessment was financed by the Lund U. Information Dept. and led by Steven Sampson of the social anthropology department of Lund University.",
keywords = "first year experience, throughput, recruiting, ansokenkrise, gennemstromning, social anthropology",
author = "Steven Sampson and Torbj{\"o}rn Friberg and Kristina G{\"o}ransson and Maria Sandberg",
note = "main author contact:",
year = "2007",
language = "svenska",
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