Womens' opinions on intrapartal care: development of a theory-based questionnaire

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Aim. To develop a patient questionnaire specific to intrapartal care, based on the theoretical foundation of the general instrument Quality from the Patient's Perspective (QPP). Background. Existing general patient questionnaires do not take intrapartal care aspects fully into account, and available intrapartal-specific patient questionnaires tend to have a weak theoretical foundation. Design. A cross-sectional, nationwide study carried out during a two-week period in 2007 at Swedish maternity units. Method. An intrapartal-specific QPP-questionnaire (QPP-I) was developed by combining a selection of 22 items from the short and long versions of the QPP with 10 newly constructed items. Responses were obtained from 739 women (63% response rate). The dimensionality of the QPP-I was assessed using structural equation modelling (a nested factor model). Non-parametric statistics were used for subgroup comparisons. Results. A nested model with a general factor including all 32 items and 10 subordinate factors was developed. Most scales had acceptable reliability coefficients (0 center dot 73-0 center dot 93), and a meaningful pattern of subgroup differences was obtained. Conclusions. The QPP-I is theory based and has its roots in a patient perspective. It was developed using a nationwide sample of Swedish women receiving intrapartal care, and an advanced statistical method was used. The outcome of this initial empirical trial was promising but needs to be tested in different countries and cultures. Relevance to clinical practice. By combining womens' responses on perceived reality and subjective importance ascribed to the various aspects of care measured, the QPP-I offers the care provider better guidelines on which elements to focus quality improvement work on, than would be the case if only a rank order of perceived reality ratings was available.


  • Bodil Wilde-Larsson
  • Gerry Larsson
  • LInda Kvist
  • Ann-Kristin Sandin-Bojo
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Sidor (från-till)1748-1760
TidskriftJournal of Clinical Nursing
Utgåva nummer11-12
StatusPublished - 2010
Peer review utfördJa