X-ray diffraction strain analysis of a single axial InAs1-xPx nanowire segment.

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title = "X-ray diffraction strain analysis of a single axial InAs1-xPx nanowire segment.",
abstract = "The spatial strain distribution in and around a single axial InAs1-xPx hetero-segment in an InAs nanowire was analyzed using nano-focused X-ray diffraction. In connection with finite-element-method simulations a detailed quantitative picture of the nanowire's inhomogeneous strain state was achieved. This allows for a detailed understanding of how the variation of the nanowire's and hetero-segment's dimensions affect the strain in its core region and in the region close to the nanowire's side facets. Moreover, ensemble-averaging high-resolution diffraction experiments were used to determine statistical information on the distribution of wurtzite and zinc-blende crystal polytypes in the nanowires.",
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