Zipper - a Duplex Method for VDSL based on DMT

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title = "Zipper - a Duplex Method for VDSL based on DMT",
abstract = "We present a new duplex scheme, called Zipper, for discrete multitone (DMT)-based very high bit-rate digital subscriber line (VDSL) systems on copper wires. This scheme divides the available bandwidth by assigning different subcarriers for the upstream and downstream directions. It has high flexibility to divide the capacity between the up and downstream, as well as good coexistence possibilities with other systems such as ADSL. Simulation results show the high bit-rate performance in different environments such as mixed ADSL and VDSL traffic under radio frequency interference and with different background noise sources",
author = "F Sj{\"o}berg and M Isaksson and Per {\"O}dling and B{\"o}rjesson, {Per Ola}",
year = "1999",
doi = "10.1109/26.780461",
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