“A typology of agricultural land investments and potential impacts on the food security of African countries.”

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In recent years, agricultural investments (in machinery, irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides) have
given way to Large Scale Land Acquisitions (LSLA) as direct land investments on areas larger
than 200Ha in developing countries. In this study, we attempt to evaluate the extent to which
agricultural land deals in Africa are able to address the host countries’ food security needs.
First, we evaluate the food security needs of African countries in 2000 based on food
availability, accessibility, stability and utilization indicators. Second, we develop a land deal
typology based on the type of investments (domestic, foreign or mixed), type of investors
(agribusiness, finance, government …) and the type of crops (food stuff, cash crop, biofuel…)
intended for production on the acquired land. This enables us to estimate the likelihood of the
investment to increase food availability in the country or if it serves other purposes (speculation,
energy, export of natural resources). We further account for the characteristics of the locations
where the deals happen (population density, previous land cover and distance to markets) in
order to estimate the level of disturbance that these deals could have on the local populations and
We find that most of the deals (about 70% of acquired land) are not or less likely to improve
food availability in the country where they occur. However, whether or not capable to improve
availability or stability, in 62% of the acquired area, these deals are likely to yield negative local
impacts either through increased land pressures in densely populated areas or through
Period2019 apr
Evenemangstitel4th Open Science Meeting of the Global Land Programme 2019
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PlatsBern, Schweiz