Aesthetic and Intersectional Perspectives on Archival Studies

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This PhD course explores the implication of intersectional theories on archival studies. It does so from aesthetic perspectives and the course is thus rooted in the fields of arts and humanities.

The aim of the course is to elaborate on how theories of intersectionality (feminism, decolonization, post-colonialism) interfere with and deconstruct processes of knowledge production as well as concepts of archives, both traditional/analogue and digital. How can we reflect on archives as places of patriarchy and power structures while reading through removal and omissions of marginalized positions? What kind of perspectives on the work with archives do we get through performative elements, aesthetic and artistic approaches?

The course reflects how theories and concepts of intersectionality can influence archival studies as well as how they might nurture new aspects of criticism and practice in the fields of musicology, performance studies and art history in particular, and the humanities and social sciences in general. The course operates with a specific, but not solemnly, attention to sound. The overarching goal is to look into how implied/derived considerations concerning ontology, epistemology, aesthetics and ethics, rooted in intersectionality, can contribute to expanding, questioning and, potentially, renewing our thinking and conceptualizations of archives.

We are interested in discussing the concrete integration of intersectional thinking on archival studies and artistic research. Discussions will be based on readings of texts by thinkers such as Kofi Agawu, Ann Cvetkovich, Donna Haraway, Achille Mbembe, and Ann Stoler. The course will focus on how ideas and perspectives from, or related to, intersectionality and archival studies can be integrated into the PhD students’ own research projects.

The general course structure contains four full days, approx. 500 pages of reading, the preparation of a paper to be presented in plenum and commented by respondents and fellow PhD students.

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Period2021 nov. 82021 dec. 3
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