After Ragnarök - English language representations of the Norse apocalypse from the eighteenth century to today

Aktivitet: Föredrag eller presentationFöreläsning/debatt/seminarium för allmänheten


Ragnarök is the end of the world as Vikings knew it. Compared to other apocalyptic myths, it is often known without a renewal of the world, making it a very absolute, hopeless, end. Yet the myth does have a second part: the creation of Gimle, the new home of the gods. Why, then, do many representations focus on gloomy death? In this presentation, I will discuss English-language portrayals, from the eighteenth century to Neil Gaiman and Marvel, and how they approach the myth’s conclusion.
Period2022 apr. 8
EvenemangstitelHumanist- och teologdagarna 2022
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsLund, Sverige


  • Norse mythology
  • adaptation