AI and Society: On the governance of artificial intelligence

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Stefan Larsson is a senior lecturer and Associate Professor in Technology and Social Change at Lund University, Department of Technology and Society. He is a lawyer (LLM) and socio-legal researcher that holds a PhD in Sociology of Law as well as a PhD in Spatial Planning. His multidisciplinary research group focuses on aspects of trust and transparency in data-driven and autonomous technologies.

Recent development in data-driven and autonomous technologies have led to an increased awareness of a need to stress issues of fairness, accountability and transparency in the application of what collectively have come to be called artificial intelligence (AI). This has lead a multitude of organisations, companies and governments to publish both ethics guidelines and strategies in the field of AI. Drawing from resent and ongoing research, the presenter Stefan Larsson focuses the European normative development on AI, including both ethics guidelines and a recently leaked version of an AI regulation. He does it in order to argue for the need of a multidisciplinary approach on AI research, as well as its governance.
Period2021 apr 28
VidUppsala universitet, Sverige

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