Anti-Catholicism in a Comparative and Transnational Perspective, 1750-2000 Network Conference at Farfa/Rome

  • Werner, Y. M. (ordförande)
  • John Wolffe (medverkande)
  • Sidenvall, E. (medverkande)
  • Olaf Blaschke (medverkande)
  • Clare Haynes (medverkande)
  • Jes Fabricius Møller (medverkande)
  • Uffe Østergaard (medverkande)
  • Manuel Borutta (medverkande)
  • Martin J. Burke (medverkande)
  • Ainur Elmgren (medverkande)
  • Bernt T. Oftestad (medverkande)
  • Kristin Norseth (medverkande)
  • Michael S. Carter (medverkande)
  • Edwina Hagen (medverkande)
  • Jonas Harvard (medverkande)
  • Andrew Newby (medverkande)
  • Stenius Henrik (medverkande)
  • Stevens Laura (medverkande)

Aktivitet: Deltagit i eller arrangerat evenemangArrangerat konferens


The aim of the conference, which was organised by Yvonne Maria Werner, was:
To provide an opportunity for closer dialogue between scholars working within the field of anti-Catholicism, and to develop a joint framework for performing comparative and transnational long-term historical studies of anti-Catholicism.

To communicate this framework and a number of case studies in an edited anthology and to provide incentive for smaller collaborations and comparative studies aimed at co-written journal articles.

To contribute to forming a consortium and develop applications for European research funding, with a clear “added European value”, and to initiate local research projects in the Nordic countries.

Manuel Borutta, University of Cologne, Germany
Olaf Blaschke, University of Trier, Germany
Martin J. Burke, City University of New York, USA
Michael S. Carter, University of Dayton, USA
Ainur Elmgren, University of Lund, Sweden
Edwina Hagen, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Jes Fabricius Møller, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Jonas Harvard, Mid Sweden University, Östersund. Sweden
Clare Haynes, University of Edinburgh, UK
Tatu Kotilainen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Antti Laine, University of Helsinki, Finland
Andrew Newby, University of Aberdeen, UK
Bernt T. Oftestad, Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo, Norway
Kristin Norseth, Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo, Norway
Erik Sidenvall, University of Lund, Sweden
Henrik Stenius, University of Helsinki, Finland
Laura Stevens, University of Tulsa, USA
Yvonne Maria Werner, University of Lund, Sweden
John R. Wolffe, Open University, Walton Hall, UK
Uffe Østergaard, International Center for Business and Politics in Copenhagen, Denmark

Period2010 okt. 62010 okt. 10
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsFarfa, ItalienVisa på karta