BECC annual meeting 2022

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The IPCC and IPBES have both highlighted that climate change and biodiversity loss are interconnected through mechanistic dependencies as well as shared drivers, potentially giving rise to synergies and trade-offs. As a result, biodiversity loss and climate change need to be understood as a dual crisis and managed together rather than in silos. However, the potential for policy to identify synergistic solutions while avoiding trade-offs depends on the nature of the links between the two problems. Thus, it becomes essential to better understand these interlinkages as well as how society could deal with the dual problems.

The annual meeting will provide a forum for discussing questions like: What are the benefits and challenges of working on the interconnectedness of climate change and biodiversity loss? How could BECC as a community study (and engage with) the dual challenge in the future? Does it make sense to view the dual problem as a nexus?
Period2022 dec. 82022 dec. 9
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PlatsFalkenberg, SverigeVisa på karta