Computer-aided L2 prosody acquisition and its brain correlates

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Swedish word accents and related Danish stød are intricately involved in the languages’ morphological and lexical structure. The relation between prosody and word structure facilitates native listeners’ speech comprehension: prosodic cues at the beginning of words pre-activate probable full word forms in the perceiving brain.1,2 Since the prediction is in most cases correct, it reduces processing load by preparing the listener for what s/he will process. Early L2 learners do not seem to use these predictive cues, although it could make their processing more efficient and aid their morphology acquisition.3 We will present two computerized methods for teaching and automatizing the interaction of prosodic cues with lexical and morphological structure, as well as the behavioral and brain correlates of acquiring the cues. One of the methods, based on associative predictive processing, has changed the electrical brain activity of learners, producing brain potentials indexing both prediction and
prediction error after ten days’ training.4 Even production of the prosodic cues improved.5 The other method, involving sound-picture association, has taught prosody-morphology interaction in an artificial language in less than 20 minutes.6 New results for acquiring the morphological and lexical interaction of Danish stød will be included.

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Period2022 apr. 7
EvenemangstitelASLA-symposiet 2022: Språk i praktiken - i en föränderlig värld
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