Dacoromania Litteraria (Tidskrift)

  • Lucian Vasile Bagiu (peer reviewer)
  • Adrian Tudurachi (redaktionsmedlem)

Aktivitet: Sakkunniggranskning av publikationer och redaktionellt arbeteMedlem i panel/ råd för sakkunniggranskning


Dacoromania litteraria is a multilingual journal of literary history dedicated to Romanian literary cultures, viewed in the context of the international circulation of ideas and forms and situated in a global economy of literary values. Dacoromania litteraria identifies itself not only through a selection of specific themes, but mostly by its perspective on the literary history objects and by considering national literature as a complex structure of institutions and communication, a structure than involves other literary cultures either in a parallel, intersecting or analogous manner. It is our belief that a national literature defines itself in parallel with other literatures from the same space, in connection to neighbouring literatures, by structural analogy with other peripheral literatures, through its dependence to the great literary centres, etc. Each journal issue will discuss a specific theme and will promote a comparative approach to literary facts, encouraging their contextualizing in a (global or regional) cultural system which is described by the circulation of forms, ideas, and programmes. Because the greatest part of its articles are published in English and French, Dacoromania litteraria aims to reach the international scientific community in its field; that is why local conceptualizations will be carefully ‘translated’ in order to make them legible to a greater audience, thus contributing to the establishment of a common terminology and of a series of shared categories, for a more appropriate description of national literary cultures.
Period2021 jan. 1 → …
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