Disentangling the complexities of dynamic telecoupled LSLA; A network approach

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In recent years, there have been wide spread reports on large scale land acquisitions (LSLA) by different actors from capital rich countries in resource rich countries. Moreover, in the context of climate change, there are increasing concerns over the environmental impacts of such intensive acquisitions from water grabbing to increased deforestation and land degradation but also on the livelihoods of displaced rural populations in countries with insecure land tenure rights and high food insecurity. Even though these land investments are commonly presented as responses to the food and financial crisis, the landmatrix reports the existence of such deals since 2000. Furthermore, the recent summary report by the landmatrix emphasizes the complexities of such deals in terms of the broad array of actors involved and the dual position of some countries as both acquirers and providers of land.
In this study, we take advantage of the environment-social coupled systems concept of the telecoupling paradigm in analyzing the evolution of LSLA. We identify different periods of continuous LSLA trends with their specific drivers and constellation of agents. We further complement the telecoupling approach by using network analysis tools in studying the structure of this land trade network as well as the changes in the functional roles of systems, agents, drivers and flow directions of such a dynamic and telecoupled network.
Period2017 apr
EvenemangstitelUnited States Section of the International Association for Landscape Ecology: Annual Meeting
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsBaltimore, USA, Maryland