Ethics After Murdoch

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“I cannot pretend to give an account of Iris Murdoch’s contribution to moral philosophy, much less sum it up or give some verdict on it. Her contribution is much too rich, and we are much too close to it.” These are Charles Taylor’s opening words to his essay “Iris Murdoch and Moral Philosophy,” published in 1996 and based on talk from 1994. Today, a generation later, scholars have blazed several trails of research on her work: on the roles of love and imagination in ethics, the relationship between philosophy and literature, the fact/value dichotomy, the role of metaphysics in ethics, the significance of cultural philosophy in ethics and the place of religious faith, imagery and practices in secular modernity. Yet, as researchers concerned with and influenced by her work, we may still recognize and share Taylor’s experience of a philosophy, which addresses our moral situation in ways so rich that we do not quite see its full implications.

This conference brings together scholars and philosophers to reflect over Murdoch’s philosophical legacy and its potentials for addressing contemporary issues, in moral philosophy as well as in the complex moral present that we inhabit.
Period2019 juni 62019 juni 7
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