European Association for Chinese Studies 2022

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From 素食(Sùshí) to 蔬食(Shūshí):
New plant-based lifestyles in the Sino-cultural sphere
Veganism and plant-based diets have come under the spotlight in recent years under growing efforts to adopt sustainable and ethical lifestyles around the world. Mirroring these developments there is now a nascent movement in East Asia dedicated to promoting plant-based diets. Yet, meatless diets are nothing particularly new in a region that has a long-documented history of vegetarianism. In the case of Taiwan, vegan and vegetarian diets have been traditionally associated with religious practice. Most commonly Buddhism, religious groups like Yīguàndào or Guānyīn fǎmén, and temporary vegetarianism under personal vows known as ‘Huányuàn’. Nevertheless, the new generation of plant-based food advocates in Taiwan seek to disentangle meatless diets from spirituality, elevating issues of animal rights and climate change into the public agenda. In this paper I will introduce the actors involved in the rise of the new plant-based food movement in Taiwan and explore their work promoting ethical meatless lifestyles through vegan fairs and public outreach. This paper will draw from ongoing participatory-observational data, interviews, and digital ethnography conducted in connection to my doctoral research project. This study aims to contribute to increasing knowledge of new social movements in the context of Taiwan’s green movements, expand accounts of animal advocacy in East Asia, and to highlight the distinctive case of veganism and vegetarianism in the Sino-cultural context.

Period2022 aug. 26
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  • Tvärvetenskapliga studier