Eye Tracking and Multimodality

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Workshop: Eye tracking and Multimodality
In our everyday life, we encounter complex multimodal messages consisting of still and moving images, texts and graphical elements that are orchestrated in specific ways. These messages are designed to serve a certain purpose: to inform, explain, instruct, persuade, educate, sell and entertain. However, the knowledge about how we actually interact with these messages is rare. What catches our attention and what does not? How do we extract and integrate information from various sources during meaning–making? How do we navigate in order to find relevant information?
The aim of the workshop is to give an overview of different ways in which eye-tracking methodology can be used in research on multimodality. In particular, we will explore reception of multimodality, i.e. the way multimodal messages are perceived by actual users. Various application areas associated with the use of eye-tracking methodology will be illustrated and will include:
• newspaper design
• teaching materials
• information graphics
• advertisement
• medical information
• web design
The workshop will explore theoretical concepts and methods in the area of social semiotics, multimedia learning theory and cognitive science. There will be opportunities to view demonstrations from various projects and reflect on, question and discuss participants’ experiences. In particular, we will discuss the relation between design intent and actual reception of a multimodal message to see to what extent the design supports and guides the effect for a group of users. A general debate on methodological approaches will be invited: Why to study multimodality from a reception perspective? How can we use eye tracking in multimodal research and in visual communication? What are the possibilities and limitations of eye tracking methodology?
Period2018 nov. 8
EvenemangstitelDiscourse, multimodality and experimental methods
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsVina del Mar, ChileVisa på karta