Fabrication and Characterization of Nano-confined Pd Catalyst for CO Oxidation

  • Harlow, G. (Delad första/primär/huvudhandledare)

Aktivitet: Examination och handledarskapHandledning av masterstudenter


The goal of this project was to fabricate and characterize nano-confined palladium catalysts. Two types of nano-confined catalysts were produced, both based on nanoporous alumina substrates. The first type is palladium nanowires embedded within a nanoporous alumina template formed through electrodeposition. The second type is palladium coated nanoporous alumina membranes formed through electroless chemical deposition. To characterize the morphology of the produced nanostructures AFM, SEM and SAXS was used. Catalytic activity of the nano-confined catalysts will be investigated by studying the oxidation of CO into CO2. Mass spectrometry and planar laser induced florescence will be used to study the catalytic activity. The effect on the pore size of the nanopores template on the catalytic behaviour, such as onset temperature and the reaction throughput, of the nano-confined catalysts will be studied.
Period2019 jan. 102019 juni 10
Examinerad/handledd personAlfred Larsson