How can social science benefit from teaching broad data skills?

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How could data be useful for overcoming better communicating urban challenges? In this panel discussion, academic researchers and communication professionals discuss the pedagogical approaches to and practical outcomes of teaching broad data skills in social sciences.

All of the major Swedish industries, including communication and media, are in the process of being revolutionized by technological progress as well as scientific advances. New technologies are disrupting the overall media landscape and the specific ways communicators and media professionals work.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence based solutions are being integrated into communicators’ everyday life, speeding up data crunching and collecting insights, streamlining work process, fact checking and creating breaking content.

The early career success of communication specialists is already argued to be significantly dependent on technological competences and data analysis skills (such as collecting, preparing, processing, interpreting, storing, and sharing data). As such, it becomes a pressing priority to rapidly educate analytic professionals who are comfortable with computational approaches – that is, communication experts who combine technological and computational competence with a scientific understanding of the human mind.
Period2022 juni 9
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsHelsingborg, SverigeVisa på karta