Jogja Sonic Index

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The October 2023 fieldwork kicked off in style with the launch of the Jogja Sonic Index (JSI). Wok the Rock, Indra Menus and Hilman Fathoni and their team had organised a presentation at IVAA on October 5th from 4-6 pm.

The Jogja Sonic Index is a collaborative, interactive database containing comprehensive information about the more than one hundred people, projects, labels, and platforms that make up the vibrant electronic and noise environment in Yogyakarta.

The Jogja Sonic Index is the result of a series of collaborative workshops by a number of active Yogya-based musicians – organized, curated, and edited by Wok The Rock, Indra Menus, and Hilman Fathoni, in collaboration with and sponsored by the research project Java-Futurism.
Period2023 okt. 5
Typ av evenemangAnnan
PlatsYogyakarta, IndonesienVisa på karta