Joint PhD seminar on environmental challenges: Measuring impacts of climate change

Aktivitet: Deltagit i eller arrangerat evenemangArrangerat workshop/ seminarium/ kurs


Climate researchers are not the only ones doing climate-relevant research. Presenting at this seminar are three PhD students from three different faculties. In common is their engagement in research related to climate change impacts on society, with all the caveats and complexity that such a label includes.

We welcome Madeleine Petersson Sjögren from Design Sciences who studies the role of bioaerosols in the atmosphere, a rather poorly understood component in climate change predictions. Following this, we will hear how Michelle Nygren uses tools from Hydrology to study impacts of climate on groundwater storage, and the potential implications this can have on societies. Kelly Dorkenoo will then share her work on disproportionate and unequal impacts on societies when extreme climate events do occur.

How do each of these projects approach issues of uncertainty, scale and feedbacks, and what can be learned from having a conversation over such a wide span of research on climate change impacts?
Period2021 mars 19
Typ av evenemangSeminarium