LUCSUS Seminar: Linking individual and systems change: Insights from a national survey in Sweden using SensMaker methodology.

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To address the apparent discrepancy between Sweden as an international environmental forerunner on the one hand and its internally large ecological footprint, on the other hand, we used the novel SenseMaker tool to explore how citizens can become more active participants, or change agents, to support post-carbon transition efforts. Based on a representative national sample the study assessed people’s perceptions, inner drivers and imaginaries surrounding their climate change engagement. Analysed through the lens of Ecological Citizenship, a concept of citizenship that represents a reflexive relationship to the global and future collective, the research contributes to better understanding the conditions for engagement, distribution and management of responsibility and sustainable transformations via individual and systemic change. The results show that there is a need to create more autonomous, local, and cooperative channels for engagement that are linked to established communities of practice. Related efforts have the potential to empower and ground global considerations of climate change into local and meaningful action that can support transformation.

Note: The presented study was conducted as part of the TransVision project and in collaboration with different actors, including Malmö City, Forward Malmö and Lund Municipality. One policy report and one article (forthcoming) have resulted from the SenseMaker study so far. During the seminar, the focus will be on a new article that focuses on the qualitative analyses and is based on the Master thesis of Gustav Osberg.
Period2021 okt. 14