Making Program Analysis Useful Together

  • Söderberg, E. (Talare)
  • Martin Höst (medverkande)
  • Church, L. (medverkande)
  • Gustaf Lundh (medverkande)
  • Jon Sten (medverkande)
  • Anton Ljungberg (medverkande)
  • David Åkerman (medverkande)

Aktivitet: Föredrag eller presentationPresentation


We need to consider many different aspects of a program in software development, for instance, security, maintainability, runtime behavior, performance, privacy, to name a few. Program analysis can help us manage this complexity by highlighting issues in our code, and perhaps even suggest improvements. However, program analysis is hampered by usability issues due to too many false positive results, poor integration into the developer workflow, and incomprehensible results. Developers many times lack trust in these tools or get overwhelmed by too many results. The effect is that developers end up actively ignoring the results from apparently useful tools. In this presentation, we will describe an approach that tackles these usability issues by gathering usage data in order to adapt how program analysis is presented to users. The presented approach has been realized in an extensible open-source system integrated into code review, and deployed in a pilot study at Axis Communications in a M.Sc. thesis project. During this presentation we will show examples of what this system looks in practice, along with encouraging initial results. We will also outline the vision for how a system like this can be used to build a community around useful program analysis.
Period2021 jan. 21
EvenemangstitelSoftware Technology Exchange Workshop, STEW, 2021
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsSverigeVisa på karta