MCnet-CTEQ Summer School

  • Lundberg, T. (deltagare)
  • Frank Siegert (organisatör)
  • Stefan Gieseke (organisatör)
  • Steffen Schumann (organisatör)
  • Ann Durie (organisatör)
  • Fred Olness (organisatör)
  • Zack Sullivan (organisatör)
  • Adam Takacs (deltagare)
  • Lifson, A. (deltagare)
  • James Whitehead (deltagare)
  • Aron Mees van Kampen (deltagare)
  • Naomi Cooke (deltagare)
  • Rok Medves (deltagare)
  • Yehudi Simon (deltagare)
  • Michael Seymour (inbjuden talare)
  • Stefan Prestel (inbjuden talare)
  • Davison E. Soper (inbjuden talare)
  • Ingo Schienbein (inbjuden talare)
  • Valerio Bertone (inbjuden talare)
  • Stefan Höche (inbjuden talare)
  • Simon Plätzer (inbjuden talare)
  • Patrick Kirchgaesser (medverkande)
  • Olivier Mattelaer (medverkande)
  • Lönnblad, L. (inbjuden talare)
  • Nishita Desai (medverkande)
  • Christian Gutschow (medverkande)
  • Alexander Glazov (inbjuden talare)
  • Zoltán Nagy (inbjuden talare)
  • Smita Chakraborty (medverkande)
  • Martin Habedank (medverkande)
  • Antonio Ortiz Velasquez (inbjuden talare)
  • Zack Sullivan (inbjuden talare)
  • Jonathan Butterworth (inbjuden talare)
  • Marek Schönherr (inbjuden talare)
  • Ilkka Helenius (medverkande)
  • Bruce Mellado Garcia (inbjuden talare)

    Aktivitet: Deltagit i eller arrangerat evenemangDeltagit i workshop/ seminarium/ kurs


    It is the 14th MCnet Summer School and 27th CTEQ School.

    The school provides training on the physics at high energy colliders, particularly the LHC. We will have series of lectures on basic and more advanced topics, practical sessions, and evening discussions with the lecturers. The school is aimed at advanced doctoral students and young postdocs.

    Our core sessions comprise a series of introductory lectures on the physics of Monte Carlo event generators, Electroweak Physics and Quantum Chromodynamics, further lectures on a wider range of associated topics, a series of hands-on tutorials using all of the MCnet event generators for LHC physics, and evening discussion sessions with all lecturers.
    Period2021 sep. 52021 sep. 16
    Typ av evenemangKurs

    Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

    • Subatomär fysik