Monte Carlo event simulation for the EIC

  • Lundberg, T. (deltagare)
  • E. C. Aschenauer (organisatör)
  • Markus Diefenthaler (organisatör)
  • Pavel Nadolsky (organisatör)
  • Stefan Höche (organisatör)
  • Stefan Prestel (talare)
  • Lönnblad, L. (talare)
  • Bierlich, C. (talare)
  • Gellersen, L. (deltagare)
  • Abhay Deshpande (talare)
  • Vaibhavi Gawas (talare)
  • Mark Baker (talare)
  • Anselm Vossen (talare)
  • Timothy Hobbs (talare)
  • Andrea Signori (talare)
  • Petja Paakkinen (talare)
  • Andy Buckley (talare)
  • Yuri Kovchegov (talare)
  • Ivan Vitev (talare)
  • John Collins (talare)
  • Adam Takacs (deltagare)
  • Alan Price (deltagare)
  • Bjoern Schenke (deltagare)
  • Cody B. Duncan (deltagare)
  • Davison E. Soper (deltagare)
  • Deepa Thomas (deltagare)
  • Enrico Bothmann (deltagare)
  • Frank Siegert (deltagare)
  • Fredrick Olness (deltagare)
  • Shah, H. (deltagare)
  • Ilkka Helenius (deltagare)
  • Jonathan Butterworth (deltagare)
  • Marius Utheim (deltagare)
  • Olivier Mattelaer (deltagare)
  • Patrick Kirchgaesser (deltagare)
  • Philip Ilten (deltagare)
  • Simon Plätzer (deltagare)
  • Smita Chakraborty (deltagare)
  • Stephen Mrenna (deltagare)
  • Sjöstrand, T. (deltagare)

    Aktivitet: Deltagit i eller arrangerat evenemangDeltagit i workshop/ seminarium/ kurs


    The MC4EIC workshop is organized by the CTEQ collaboration and the EIC User Group and will be hosted by CFNS as a remote meeting from November 18-19.

    Success of the EIC science program critically depends on precise theoretical predictions for electron-ion collisions. Parton showering programs serve as a backbone for such calculations in most particle physics experiments, and the EIC is no exception. Developing precision simulations will therefore be mandatory. It will require advancements in QCD theory and computational methods, as well as a close dialog between experimentalists and theorists.

    To facilitate this dialog, we aim to bring together experts in various domains of QCD theory and experiment to discuss recent advances in the development of event generators, as well as needs and requirements for future progress.

    This MC4EIC kick-off workshop will establish a foundation for an in-depth look at the MC event generators that are currently used or developed for the EIC. Questions that will be defined at the kick-off workshop will be addressed at the next workshop, tentatively to be held in Spring 2022.
    Period2021 nov. 182021 nov. 19
    Typ av evenemangWorkshop
    PlatsUSAVisa på karta

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