Obesity: with a focus on diet quality and gut microbiota

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Obesity is always a result of an imbalance between energy expenditure and energy intake and it is a combination of non-modifiable and modifiable factors that determine an individual’s ability to keep the balance, which determines the risk of developing obesity. In this thesis, we have by studying human genetic variation, gut microbiota, circulating metabolites in connection with beverages intake and diet quality added to the existing body of knowledge that the risk of developing obesity is multifactorial and highly individual. The question of how to decrease the risk of obesity in individual and population level by targeting the modifiable risk factors is among the top priorities for public health and need to be addresses in future studies.
Period20152019 juni 14
Examination/handledning vidInstitutionen för kliniska vetenskaper, Malmö

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  • Mikrobiologi inom det medicinska området
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