Open data ecosystems – caring for innovation by sharing

Aktivitet: Föredrag eller presentationPresentation


Sharing data between commercial entities is a practice in its infancy, despite the widespread focus on datadriven businesses. However, judging from the success of open source software in commercial context, there is a potential innovation growth in openness to various degrees in so called open data ecosystems (ODE). We have studied three emerging ODEs, to understand the challenges and remedies for them to function. This talk summarizes our findings regarding
• Value of data and collaboration
• Inherent characteristics of data
• Governance of data, platform and relations
• Evolution of business models and tools
The three ecosystems, in domains of industry 4.0, automotive, and the labor market, represent wide variation in terms of data and actors, but they nevertheless share several joint characteristics. Particularly, the value creation from the data or collaboration around data, the need for standardization of formats and procedures, aspects of platform ownership and data acquisition, and competition between actors, are essential. Business models and tool support for ODEs are identified for further research. The talk is concluded by advice for practitioners to establish and evolve ODEs.
Period2021 nov. 11
EvenemangstitelSoftware Technology Exchange Workshop 2021
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsLund, SverigeVisa på karta