Opportunities of OO and pO collisions at the LHC

  • Lundberg, T. (deltagare)
  • Roderik Bruce (talare)
  • Martino Gagliardi (talare)
  • Alexander Huss (talare)
  • Liliana Apolinario (talare)
  • Vislavicius, V. (talare)
  • Igor Altsybeev (talare)
  • Dennis Perepelitsa (talare)
  • Bierlich, C. (talare)

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The goal of this 5-day workshop is to explore the community perspective on the physics opportunities of oxygen-oxygen and proton-oxygen collisions in the LHC Run 3.

The cosmic-ray community argues for a short pO run during Run 3, because this is the unique time-window for LHCf to take data. In the heavy-ion community, the origin of collectivity in small collision systems remains a central question that begs a timely answer. A more formalised exchange between LHC experiments and theory is clearly an advantage for a successful pO and OO run. Through this workshop, we aim to bring together theorists and experimentalists to discuss both the physics opportunities and challenges specific to OO and pO.

The workshop will provide time for creative discussions on unique opportunities from collisions of light ions. A short summary document of the main conclusions of the workshop will be prepared in advance of the LHCC meeting in March 2021.
Period2021 feb. 42021 feb. 10
Typ av evenemangWorkshop
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