PEVoC - Pan European Voice Conference 2022 Tallinn

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The workshop I would like to propose is situated within the topic of exploring new fields in the scenario of extended vocal techniques.
I will provide both theoretical and practical information about methods to handle and improve new techniques playing with the borders of a non-common use of the voice. I will discuss the importance of nonlinear vocal phenomena as vocal behaviors that deviate from common periodic phonation.
Among the topics that I will address, there will be the exploration of some ways to convey the extended techniques into contemporary music practice, and, relevant for composers, I will show some examples of notation.
The final aim is to enrich the cultural baggage of both singers and composers, or anyone interested. More awareness of the hundreds of possibilities of unusual sounds hidden inside the vocal instrument, together with the consciousness of the practice of it, can enhance the variety of timbre qualities in a voice.
Special attention will be devoted to the investigation of some vocal multiphonics. The method used is more intuitive than systematic, due to the differences in the physiology of the vocal instrument, but also to the fact that this method is still developing.
Working with the overlapping of different sound sources layers will be a strategy of inquiry, and for this purpose, we will analyze some excerpts of “Anaphora”, a solo voice piece by Michael Edgerton focused on 56 classes of vocal multiphonics, that lists nonstandard vocal gestures which are categorized according to the degree of voicing present as either voiced or unvoiced.
The workshop will have a practical approach, and it is open to anyone, with the possibility to choose between being an active participant or an auditor.
Active participants will be invited to try out but also propose some extended vocal techniques, in a peer-to-peer dialogue. Non-singers are also welcome.
The workshop will be recorded for research purposes and will become part of a study.
Period2022 aug. 242022 aug. 27
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