POSTER - Mathematics in Physics and Pre-Service Physics Teachers: Experiences and Practices

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We studied a group of pre-service teachers in the physics and mathematics teacher trainee program at a university in Sweden. First, we observed how the group communicated mathematics in their cooperative solution of a physics problem taken from special relativity. Next, we conducted a semi-structured interview with the group about the role of mathematics in teaching physics in their experienced (as students) and anticipated (as teachers) learning situations. Three entities can be identified in communication of school physics, forming vertices of a ternary model: reality, theoretical models, and mathematics. In the framework of social semiotics, these vertices can be related to semiotic resources of physics. Students and teachers, by their use of semiotic resources, will emphasize different elements - vertices and links between them - of our model when handling mathematics in physics. In the case of pre-service teachers, this variation in emphasis might have implications for their future teaching practices and for teacher trainee programs. The poster will present our preliminary findings. For instance, the group tended to stay in the mathematics vertex without making frequent or strong links to the other two vertices, which - together with observed discourse imitation - might suggest insufficient fluency in the use of semiotic resources.
Period2023 juli 162023 juli 17
Evenemangstitel2023 Summer Meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers
Typ av evenemangKonferens
PlatsSacramento, USA, KalifornienVisa på karta

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