Realising Child Rights in Education

  • Wickenberg, P. (medlem)
  • Ulf Leo (medlem)
  • Bodil Rasmusson (medlem)
  • Lena Andersson (medlem)
  • Andreas Bryngelson (medlem)
  • Lovisa Nilsson (medlem)
  • Agneta Wångdahl Flinck (medlem)

Aktivitet: AnnanUppdragsutbildning


The overall and long-term objective was to improve participating
countries’ capacity to offer and ensure everyone’s right to relevant and quality education, an education that is safe and secure, inclusive, student-centred, democratic and problem-solving and that creates opportunities for all, regardless of background, to participate in Community life as active citizens.
Period2013 jan. 12016 dec. 1
VidSIDA, Styrelsen för internationellt utvecklingssamarbete, Sverige