SRA workshop series: Formulating research impact in project proposals

Aktivitet: Deltagit i eller arrangerat evenemangArrangerat workshop/ seminarium/ kurs


The aim of the workshop was to clarify how vocabulary related to research impact can vary, depending both on disciplinary traditions and on specific instructions for research calls. For example, participants discussed various understandings of research output, research outcome, and research impact. Workshop presenters emphasised several reasons to focus on research impact and shared their tips for formulating research impact in project proposals. Jacqueline Postma shared her experience supporting researchers to formulate research impact in project proposals; Johanna Alkan Olsson and Rashmi Prasad presented completed research projects to demonstrate their impact logic, helping workshop participants to operationalise the definitions previously presented.
Period2022 nov. 22
Typ av evenemangWorkshop
PlatsMalmö, SverigeVisa på karta