Take1! Workshop conference and “try out” of streamed classical concerts

Aktivitet: Deltagit i eller arrangerat evenemangArrangerat workshop/ seminarium/ kurs


Within the framework of the innovation project LUDICH (Lund University Digital Interactive Concert Hall) in collaboration with Malmö Live Concert Hall, Axis, Amazon AWS and Cinfo/Tiivii and others, we will be conducting the first test of existing technology to automate and personalise streamed concerts.

Using the technology that Cinfo has developed to synchronise Axis cameras with a constant audio stream for individual camera selection and editing for each user, we will use the Malmo Academy of Music’s symphony orchestra’s pre-recorded concert to subsequently envision, problematise, dream and specify what a future digital concert format might be like and what needs to be developed to achieve it.

Some topics:

Individual digital zooming of the image stream from each camera
Share a clip, including comments, with others.
Digital zooming of audio that follows camera zooming
UX, interface and design – what might a digital concert experience be like?
AI-generated automated information about the work, those involved, instruments, history etc.
Social context – how do visitors communicate, or want to communicate, with each other and those involved?
What are the target groups? What might business models or payment and remuneration systems be like?
What new artistic content opportunities are provided by the new technology?
What kind of ‘concert experience’ will it be using streaming in this way: how do you engage with the concert experience virtually? What happens before the music starts? What ‘space’ might you be in – at home, VR or somewhere in between?
Participants will be from widely differing areas, as LUDICH is a collaboration between six faculties at Lund University (Fine and Performing Arts, Engineering, Humanities and Theology, Law, Economics and Management) and the workshop conference will therefore mix students, researchers, developers, practitioners and visitors from academia, industry and the public sector.
Period2023 maj 24
Typ av evenemangWorkshop
PlatsMalmö, SverigeVisa på karta