Tending Regional and Local Gardens of Innovation to Accelerate Sustainability Transition

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Globally, experts observe drastically different patterns of innovation-driven growth. Unsurprisingly, such diversity of outcomes can be largely attributed to the differences in national innovation systems. Even in the era of globalisation, national policies continue shaping development paths, experimentation opportunities, and transformative capacity of enterprises. Yet formulating effective national (and regional) innovation policies is not an easy task and requires complex considerations. From local-based preconditions to regional specificities, policymakers have a lot of factors to balance.

In the sixth episode of UNECE’s Innovation Matters podcast, we welcome Prof. Cristina Chaminade, the Director of the Master’s program in Innovation and Global Sustainable Development at Lund University. Together with Cristina, we will tackle how policymakers can establish regional and local hubs of innovation.
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VidU.N. Economic Commission for Europe (ECE, Schweiz