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Through field recordings, compositions and voice-over, the Mundania-concept will be introduced. the concept is based on the idea of mundanisation. It captures the processes through which unfathomable technological complexity, sometimes mediated through an artefact, is turned into the ordinary. Mundanisation is the process through which the ungraspable is ignored. It addresses how a protective layer between overwhelming, even ominous, complexity and commonplace everyday life is engendered when it comes to technology use. It moves beyond the understanding of technologies as something that become domesticated. It is not about something wild becoming tamed (domesticated). Instead it captures how complex arrangements of technologies and human organisation are transmuted into the ordinary, the mundane, the commonplace in people’s everyday lives.
The audio paper is inspired by Alvin Lucier’s work I’m Sitting in a Room, and draws on the theoretical thoughts from the chapter: ‘Imperfect Imaginaries. Digitization, Mundanisation and The Ungraspable’. In Digitisation: Theories and Concepts for Empirical Cultural Research, edited by Gertraud Koch, 53–77. London: Routledge. the audio paper is part of ongoing research within the 4-year project Connected Homes and Distant Infrastructures, and is an example of practices of art probing.
Period2018 dec. 11
EvenemangstitelAudio Paper conference: Performative formats and sonic argumentation
Typ av evenemangSeminarium
PlatsMalmö, SverigeVisa på karta

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