Femtosecond laser system





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    Div. of Combustion Physics is part of the Lund Laser Centre (LLC), which is a European Major Research Infrastructure and a part of LASERLAB-Europe. Div. of Comb. Physics is also part of the national Centre CECOST.


    High-power amplified Ti:Sapp fs-laser (produces pulses of 125 fs duration, 800 nm wavelength, and 60 mJ pulse energy, at 10 Hz rep. rate). Two OPAs, pumped by the Ti:Sapp,  deliver fs pulses ranging from 190 to 1 600 nm.

    Utrustning och resurser

    The laboratory contains, in addition to the fs-laser system, optics, CCD cameras, spectrometers, MCP-PMT, and an ultrafast streak camera.

    Erbjudna tjänster

    High-power laser system used for measurements in the femtosecond timescale, physical access and virtual access.

    All data is generated, stored and transferred locally.

    Styrning av infrastrukturen

    The laser system belongs to the Div. of Combustion Physics, which is headed by Prof. Marcus Aldén. Prof. Joakim Bood is responsible for system operation and maintenance.

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