Namn på nationell/internationell infrastruktur som denna infrastruktur tillhör

ICOS RI. The ICOS research infrastructure involves the 12 country networks, of which ICOS Sweden is one, the Head Office in Finland, and 4 Thematic Centers for Atmosphere, Ecosystem, Ocean and Central Calibration, distributed over Europe. ICOS ERIC is the legal representative of ICOS RI.


ICOS Carbon Portal is part of ICOS ERIC and offers access to research data, as well as easily accessible and understandable science and education products. All measurement data available in the Carbon Portal is quality controlled through the ICOS thematic centers, divided into Ecosystem, Atmospheric and Ocean Thematic Centers and a Central Analytical laboratory. Dedicated researchers all over the world will contribute to the elaborated products catalogue. The ICOS Carbon Portal is hosted by the University of Lund (Sweden) and Wageningen University (Netherlands) and is located in Lund, Sweden.

Utrustning och resurser

The ICOS Carbon Portal relies on its server, hosted at Lunarc, and storage and cloud services provided by SNIC and EGI in EUDAT CDI (to be transferred into the European Open Source Cloud, EOSC).

Digitala och fysiska samlingar

ICOS CP serves all ICOS data, including observational data (time series) and elaborated products and ancillary data required for using the ICOS data in the scientific evaluation. This also include spatial model input and output data products.

Erbjudna tjänster

The Carbon Portal provides data life cycle services for provenance, curation, publication and long term storage through a trusted repository, while keeping track of data usage and correct attribution to data providers and curators.
Services are not only up- and download (taking care of attribution and data usage) but also visualization and later creation of subsets and collections of data.
The services developed by CP are directed to support Open Data, are very scalable and could in principle be used for any scientific data portal involving observations.

Styrning av infrastrukturen

The CP Board consists of the ICOS ERIC Director-General (DG), the ICOS CP Director (CPD), the Head of INES Department, the Wageningen University Project leader and one representative from Lund University Faculty of Science.
The Board advises the CPD on general direction and scientific focus of the Carbon Portal.

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Naturvetenskap

Typ av infrastruktur

  • Digitala samlingar