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    IAC is active in international networks with higher artistic education, artistic research and art institutions, as well as practicing artists, which result in international collaborations primarily at IAC, but also abroad. IAC also offers residency programmes in cooperation with partner institutions for artists and researchers.


    IAC is a platform for artistic research and experimentation. The aim of IAC is to create a strong interdisciplinary environment for artistic and pedagogic research and experimentation. What makes IAC unique is that it in addition to being an environment designed specifically for artistic research and interdisciplinary meetings, it is also open to experimental artists working broad field of artistic disciplines, such as visual art, music, dance and theatre. This combination of artists working within as well as outside the academic context is a vital component in the development of artistic research, and a unique constellation even in a international context. Another important priority is IACs role as facilitator and a meeting place for collaborations with other research disciplines and institutions within LU, and beyond, in order to create stronger links between artistic research and practice and more traditional research within the academia.

    Utrustning och resurser

    IAC strives to provide the best technical resources for experimental work in the fields of music, theater and visual art. This includes a wide variety of audiovisual equipment and facilities such as microphones, PA systems, cameras, lights, video-conference systems as well as technical assistance.

    Erbjudna tjänster

    The venue provides a variety of spaces for artistic work and in-depth studies, as well as larger spaces for public events such as concerts, seminars, lectures, screenings, exhibitions and theater performances.

    Technical support and assistance.

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    The Director is managing the infrastructure on a daily basis. IAC has its own board, which refer to the Faculty Board, which has the final/overall responsibility for the center.

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