Laboratoriet för Digital Arkeologi DARK Lab






The Lund University Digital Archaeology Laboratory is a research infrastructure focused on the development of projects aimed at surveying and analyzing archaeological sites using 3D combined technologies. Our focus is to develop new digital acquisition and visualization strategies to increase the perception of the data retrieved in the process of archaeological investigation. DARKLab is currently supporting projects ranging from landscape to artefact analysis through the implementation of 3D Geographic Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

Utrustning och resurser

Currently, the lab is equipped with digital cameras, UAVs (drones), Laser scanning, immersive systems ( Oculus Rift, GO and QUEST ), workstations, field computers, software for 3D image computing, photogrammetry and remote sensing technology.

Digitala och fysiska samlingar

DarkLab host several 3D archives. Among the different collections currently available: the Kämpinge archaeological site project, Gribshunden, Forum Romanum, the archaeological reference collection of the Historical Museum LU and the Västra Vång excavation project.

Erbjudna tjänster

3D acquisition, GIS analysis, 3D analysis, 3D Visualization, Virtual Reality, Advanced classification methods, Archaeological Computing

Styrning av infrastrukturen

Institute of Archaeology and Ancient History, Lund University

Ämnesklassifikation (UKÄ)

  • Arkeologi

Typ av infrastruktur

  • Utrustning
  • Digitala samlingar