NanoTemper Monolith NT.115 system for microscale thermophoresis




    NanoTemper or MST


    Instrument is used to determine interaction between biomolecules, for example two proteins or a protein and a small molecule ligand. The protein, or one of the proteins in the complex, must be fluorescently labelled. The dissociation constant KD is determined. The experiment is performed by serial dilution of one component in a set of 16 capillaries. The amount of protein needed is approximately 1 mg.

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    NanoTemper Monolith NT.115 system for microscale thermophoresis

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    Consumables are capillary tubes (16 required per measurement) which are available on site. Kits for fluorescent labelling of proteins (on Lys or Cys residues) are also available on site. Users are charged for consumables on a quarterly or half-yearly basis. Users operate the instrument themselves, with guidance from a local expert user.

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    Derek Logan ( is in charge of the instrument. Users book the instrument on a calendar on site.

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    • Biokemi och molekylärbiologi

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