NMR Center

  • Göran Carlström (Manager)




    The center provides access to equipment for high resolution and solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), as well as imaging, for studies on several topics, ranging from material science, diffusion, studies of small organic or inorganic molecules, to advanced studies of biomolecular structure and dynamics. The magnetic field strength varies between 200 – 600 MHz 1H frequency.

    Utrustning och resurser

    Biophysical chemistry (prof. Mikael Akke):
    1) Varian 600 MHz VNMRS high resolution
    2) Varian 500 MHz VNMRS high resolution
    Inorganic chemistry at CAS (prof. Ola Wendt):
    1) Varian 500 MHz UNITY Inova high-resolution
    Physical chemistry (prof. Daniel Topgaard):
    1) Bruker 500 MHz Avance II high-resolution, solid state,
    and imaging spectrometer.
    2) Bruker 200 MHz Avance II high-resolution and
    imaging spectrometer.
    All spectrometers have various probe heads for
    measurements on different nuclei, and for different

    Erbjudna tjänster

    The center provides access to equipment for high resolution and solid-state high-field NMR, as well as imaging. For unexperienced users, expert help and advice can be obtained from the Facility manager, who in certain cases also will design experiments, run the experiments, and help analyse the data. All data are generated, stored, and transferred locally.

    Styrning av infrastrukturen

    The center is managed by Facility manager Göran Carlström, in association with professor Mikael Akke, professor Daniel Topgaard, and professor Ola Wendt.

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    • Fysikalisk kemi
    • Materialkemi
    • Biofysik
    • Strukturbiologi

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