Peripheral CT-scanner






    The pQCT is used to measure bone density, geometrical parameters of bone and soft tissue distribution with peripheral quantitative computed tomography. The measurement of bone microstructure is regarded as an essential part in understanding strength properties of bone.

    Utrustning och resurser

    The pQCT is a fully automated measuring system. The unit works with a specially developed x-ray tube with a very small focal spot. The detector-system consist of a series of miniature-semiconductor-crystals. The internal control of the tree axes, as well as the parallel evaluation of the detector measuring values, is controlled by micro-controllers. Those transfer the results and axis position via standard-interfaces to a computer. The computer evaluates the measurement data of the tomogram on the screen and the calculation of bone density in the screen window. Each scan can be stored for further statistical and graphical processing.

    Erbjudna tjänster

    Each measurement generates a large number of data variables. Data is stored in the computer database linked to Region Skane´s server. From this database we extract all files and process them into analysis files.
    After scan completion of each individual, the result is printed on paper and stored at the research unit.

    Styrning av infrastrukturen

    The pQCT is managed by specifically trained staff at the research unit.
    Access in collaboration by the research group leaders

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