Soot optical diagnostic laboratory




    The laboratory works with development and application of optical and laser diagnostic methods to study soot particles. The work includes technique development, studies of soot formation phenomena, and applied diagnostic measurements on lab scale as well as in practical devices. Projects include studies of optical properties of soot, soot formation in diesel engines and gasifiers. Fundamental soot formation and fuel conversion investigations are made on biomass particles. Optical diagnostic methods are supported by sampling techniques combined with alternative detection techniques such as transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The main laser diagnostic methods are elastic light scattering, extinction, laser-induced fluorescence, laser-induced incandescence, and Raman scattering.

    Utrustning och resurser

    Nd:YAG lasers, diode lasers, photomultipliers, image intensified CCD camera, mini-CAST soot generator, nephelometer, various burners, particle disperser.

    Erbjudna tjänster

    Services include: * Optical particle characterisation using extinction, elastic light scattering, laser-induced incandescence * Particle characterisation using Raman spectroscopy * Generation of “controlled” soot particles * Injection of controlled flows of particles.
    All acquired data are stored and transferred locally.

    Styrning av infrastrukturen

    Leader for the activities is Prof. Per-Erik Bengtsson. In the laboratory works three PhD-students, one researcher and one visiting PhD-student (1 year).

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