Two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy infrastructure




    2D Lab

    Namn på nationell/internationell infrastruktur som denna infrastruktur tillhör

    Lund Laser Center/ NanoLund


    2D lab occupies one laboratory and contains multiple laser instruments, as well as ultrafast spectroscopy equipment. The main purpose of the infrastructure is to support two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy experiments on the variety of systems ranging from photosynthetic complexes to noble metal clusters. Measurement are carried out both at ambient and cryogenic temperatures.

    Utrustning och resurser

    Amplified ultrashort pulse laser system (Pharos, Light Conversion).
    Two parametric amplifiers (one from Light Conversion and one lab-built), pumped by the Pharos laser for generating sub 15 fs pulses with a wide range of spectral tunability (470-950 nm).
    Spectrograph with the CCD camera detector (Princeton Instruments) for interferometric measurements.
    Home-build two-dimensional spectroscopy spectrometer with three delay stages for changing delays between the pulses.
    Cryogenic equipment for carrying out experiments at cryogenic temperatures, including cryostats (Oxford Instruments), dewars and cryogen transfer line (Oxford Instruments).

    Erbjudna tjänster

    2D Lab is a part of the Lund Laser Center and provides access to performing two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy experiments to the external users

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    Infrastructure manager: Donatas Zigmantas

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