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The major focus of our research is to study bone marrow hematopoietic and stromal stem cells and their crosstalk in healthy and diseased bone marrow, aiming to develop therapies to repair or eliminate and replace dysfunctional HSCs and BMSCs, thus leading to improved therapies for patients with hematological malignancies. Malignant HSC can be replaced by transplantation of healthy donor stem cells (so-called hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, HSCT), which is the only curative treatment for patients with high-risk hematological malignancies. However, HSCT is a potentially dangerous procedure with severe side-effects which cause a considerable treatment-related morbidity and mortality. Therefore, another major line of research in our lab focuses on the development of novel novel and improved stem cell collection and separation technologies and transplantation biomarker assays based on acoustic sorting (acoustophoresis).



  • stamceller
  • benmärg stroma
  • hematopoes
  • cell terapi


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