LU-ATMP: Lunds universitets centrum för avancerade terapier



Sweden's ATMP ecosystem is rapidly expanding, solidifying its place as a key player in Europe. Currently ranking among the top three countries among the EU9 for identified therapeutic ATMP companies, Sweden's strategic investments are further reinforcing its leadership (MSC 2020). This includes ongoing initiatives to establish industrial-scale ATMP manufacturing capabilities, enhancing the country's capacity for ATMP development and strengthening its prominent position in the field. Located in the south of Sweden, within the Greater Copenhagen area, Lund is a dynamic science region that enjoys close proximity to both academic and industry collaborators within the Medicon Valley Life Science Cluster - one of the leading life science clusters in the world. This international cluster, spanning two nations, unites 15 universities, 28 hospitals, and over 400 life science companies (Innovation Economy Council, 2022).

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