Lund Hemodynamic Lab

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Lund Hemodynamic Lab was initiated in 2010 by Göran Rådegran in order to provide high quality investigations, essential in risk assessment in guidance of PAH therapies & listing for transplantation & utilizing myocardial biopsies in steering of immunosuppression to prevent rejection after transplantation.


Lund Cardio Pulmonary Register (LCPR) was initiated in September 2011 by Göran Rådegran & composes a biobank of blood samples from patients evaluated with right heart catheterization for pulmonary hypertension or severe heart failure, prior to or after medical therapy for pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) or heart failure, & after heart transplantation. The aim is to find new biomarkers that can identify; patients with heart failure or high pulmonary artery pressure; who has the greatest benefit of different medical treatments; new targets for treatment & optimal steering of individual treatment, as well as detect rejection following transplantation. Lund Heart Transplantation Research Network (LHTRN) and Lund Pulmonary Hypertension Research Network (LPHRN) was initiated in 2011 by Göran Rådegran to promote research within the field of heart transplantation & pulmonary hypertension at Skåne University hospital (SUS) in Lund.

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