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Ribonucleic acid or RNA, one of life’s indispensable molecules, governs the flow of the genetic information within cells. Our laboratory investigates the multifaceted role of RNA in controlling the expression of the eukaryotic genome in stem and cancer cells. We are at the forefront of research that unveils the important role of central RNA-based processes such as mRNA translation, splicing and noncoding RNAs in the direct control of fundamental cellular activities such as cell growth, cell proliferation, and differentiation. Using the hematopoietic system as a model to study stem cell function, we combine novel genetic approaches with state-of-the-art genome-wide sequencing and proteomic techniques to study central RNA-based regulatory circuitry in hematopoietic stem and cancer cells. The findings from our lab will significantly advance the fundamental understanding of the underlying mechanisms governing normal and malignant hematopoiesis.

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  • Cancer och onkologi


  • RNA
  • stamceller


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