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Åsa Lindberg-Sand

Docent, Pedagogisk Utvecklare

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My research has always grown from and been inspired by my professional undertakings and my experiences of the scarcity of a certain kind of knowledge, suited to give a richer picture of the intricate developments of higher education as a common environment for teaching, research and academic development. I have a social-cultural approach and mainly use qualitative methods in my research. My research have focused supervision, student assessment and curriculum change during the Bologna Process. Today, it is primarily directed towards academic development and doctoral education.

My first professional experiences was as a nurse, and my PhD in 1996 explored nursing students’ conceptions of clinical supervision with a phenomenographic approach. I could show that supervision, as is was conceived by the students, primarily was seen as a way for nurses to maintain quality of care and patient security when medical tasks were carried out by the students.

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